Accounts Supervisor

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru
30 September 2019
  • Supervise every aspect of a company’s accounting function.
  • Develop accounting practices for general ledger for office use.
  • Evaluate industry’s and the organization’s practices on the process of capital assets depreciation.
  • Oversee data flow and the process between accounting systems cum sub-systems.
  • Consult on the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting process.
  • Review balance sheet, general ledger accounts, and income statement schedules.
  • Recommend improvement to general accounting activities so as to ensure compliance with governmental and organizational procedures and policies, and to also ensure the most efficient and effective operations.
  • Implement automation and process improvements to reduce redundancy.
  • Administer personnel-related functions and direct the work of general accountants.
  • Oversee posting, verify, calculate and type duties to staff to perform.
  • Perform different types of tasks as required.
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