Demi Chef

Hotel Granada Johor Bahru
19 March 2019


  • Manage, organize and ensure the smooth running of your particular section
  • To maintain a good working relationship with all colleagues and other departments
  • To report daily to the Executive Sous Chef and cooperate with other members of the kitchen team
  • To prepare daily mise-en place, according to work lists or verbal instructions given by the Executive Sous Chef
  • Ensures that all acquired items are ready to go, well before service
  • Takes a professional interest in constantly maintaining a high standard of food preparation by checking food for taste, temperature and visual appeal
  • Ensures all dishes are uniform in content, taste, presentation and established portion sizes are adhered to
  • Ensures that goods and food items are stored in the correct manner, which prevents contamination and minimizes food spoilage
  • To maintain an organized, clean and hygienic work area
  • To ensure that fridges, storage and working areas are cleaned and maintained, ensured that chemicals are used according to manufacturer’s instructions and with minimum wastage
  • Leaves the work area clean and organized; then hands over to incoming shift workers
  • Reports any equipment malfunctioning and problems to the Executive Sous Chef
  • Makes every attempt to prevent any damage, breakage, theft or loss of hotel property
  • Assist in reducing the overall food cost within given guidelines as well as other kitchen related expenses by controlling requisitions and maintaining adequate stock levels
  • Reports to the Executive Sous Chef for correct disciplinary action to be taken against staff, fair and professionally, to maintain a high level of staff moral and discipline
  • Informs and consults the Executive Sous Chef of any problems, discrepancies and happenings with the kitchen operation
  • To order items from the stores or productions rooms and double check the requisitions, must do a physical check of the kitchen stock
  • To pass on all information to your Commis and to enhance their knowledge wherever possible

Required Skills 
  • Proven track of food preparation, presentation and preservation knowledge is an essential
  • Positively spirited and passionate about food
  • Committed to work together with the service team
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