TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru
17 January 2020
  • Punctual on time duty. Any issues report with Supervisor / Chef for references.
  • To organise all equipment’s for an events as need on time as per instruction by Supervisor /Chef.
  • Review banquet events order / Dinning reservation for daily references.
  • Ensure all equipment & utensil is clean and good working order.
  • Wear the proper uniform & well grooming by hotel standards.
  • To ensure 1 to 1 for break time (1 hour break) and steward area clean before hand over with other shift.
  • No phone when on duty time/working station.
  • To check kitchen floor clean during operation time (1 ½ hour need to mopped) to avoid any complain/checking.
  • Multi task efficiently and organized, accurate and reliable.
  • Clean all soiled items for dishwasher maintenance.
  • To standby by at canteen area for cleaning and replenish.
  • Remove trash and waste after finish duty (evening shift)
  • Work quickly and quietly. Works in a team environment.
  • Clean kitchen, steward area and sanitize when close workstations.
  • To ensure recording for breakages items during operation time.
  • Proper handling for chemical & sanitize type during working period.
  • Willing to have task force/inter department when need.
  • Any other duties that may be assigned by superior from time to time.  
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