Director of Operations

TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru
22 January 2020
  • Core Activities
    Managing Profitability
  • Demonstrates and communicates key drivers of guest satisfaction for the brand’s target customer
  • Analyzes service issues and identifies trends
  • Makes and executes the necessary decisions to keep property moving forward toward achievement of goals
  • Work with hotel management team to develop an operational strategy that is aligned with the brand’s business strategy and leads its executions.
  • Managing Revenue Goals
  • Monitors hotel operations sales performance against budget
  • Focuses on growing revenues and maximizes the financial performance of the department
  • Review reports and financial statements to determine hotel operations performance against budget
  • Coaches and supports operations team to effectively manage occupancy & rate, wages and controllable expenses
  • Leading Operations and Department Teams
  • Functions as the strategic business leader of the property’s Hotel Operations; areas of responsibilities include Front Office, Business Centre, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Engineering/Maintenance and Security.
  • Works with Head of Departments to develop and implement departmental strategies and manage the implementation of the brand service strategy and brand initiatives
  • Develops and implements property-wide strategies that deliver products and services to meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the brand’s target customer and employees and provides a return on investment
  • Champions the brand’s service vision for product and service delivery and ensures alignment amongst the hotel Head of Departments.
  • Develops systems to enable employees to understand guest satisfaction results
  • Communicates a clear and consistent message regarding departmental goals to produce desired results
  • Develops positive owner relationships
  • Performs other duties, as assigned, to meet business needs
  • Managing the Guest Experience
  • Reviews guest feedback with Head of Departments and verifies that appropriate corrective action is taken
  • Responds to and handles guest problems and complaints
  • Stays visible and interfaces with customers on a regular basis to obtain feedback on quality of product, service levels and overall satisfaction.
  • Creates an atmosphere in all Rooms and Food & Beverage areas that meets or exceeds guest expectations.
  • Managing and Conducting Human Resources Activities
  • Facilitates the development of creative solutions to overcome obstacles and manages the implementation to continually improve guest satisfaction results
  • Verifies that employees are treated fairly and equitably
  • Verifies that regular, on-going communication is happening in Operations (e.g. pre-shift briefings, staff meetings)
  • Fosters employee commitment to providing excellent service, participates in daily stand-up meetings and models desired service behaviors in all interactions with guests and employees
  • Incorporates guest satisfaction as a component of staff/operations meetings with an emphasis on generating innovative ways to continually improve results.
  • Sets goals and expectations for Head of Departments using the performance review process and holds staff accountable for successful performance
  • Solicits employee feedback, utilizes on “open door policy” and reviews employee satisfaction results to identify and address employee problems or concerns
  • Verifies that property policies are administered fairly and consistently, disciplinary procedures and documentation are completed according to Standard of Operation Procedures (SOPs)
  • Conducts annual performance appraisal with Head of Departments according to SOPs
  • Champions change, manages the implementation of brand and regional business initiatives and communicates follow-up actions to team as necessary.
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