Receiving Supervisor

TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru
17 January 2020
  • To gain good product knowledge with regards to purchase specifications and quality standards through receiving processes.
  • To be fully acquainted with the receiving procedures, hotel’s standards and requirements.
  • To ensure that all items purchased, borrowed, on demonstration or brought into the hotel in relation to operation should pass through Receiving Department and be covered by a Receiving Record.
  • To ensure that incoming merchandises are checked against standard purchase specifications. To compare supplier’s invoices or delivery note to purchase order or Daily Market List to ascertain that price, quantity and quality are in order.
  • To receive meat, poultry and seafood items, chef must be informed upon arrival. These should then be tagged with the upper portion while the lower portion is sent to Cost Accountant together with receiving record and supplier invoice.
  • To receive maintenance spare parts or machinery, it should be checked together with the maintenance representative who countersign on the receiving record.
  • For short delivery, an outstanding order list is to be completed and sent to Purchasing Department, with copy to department concerned and the Cost Control.
  • To implement control measures by insuring that only ordered goods is delivered; partial deliveries are noted and acceptable; Hotel is not billed for goods not delivered; goods is of acceptable quality; Hotel is not billed a price higher than previously agreed upon.
  • To move accepted products to appropriate storerooms or user department immediately to minimize loss from theft and deterioration of product quality.
  • Receiving Records should be completed and accompanying the merchandises delivered to department concerned for all receipts.
  • All receiving records and supporting documents should be properly filed and routed to concerned departments.
  • To review receiving procedures and traffic from time to time and to ensure efficiency and elimination of bottle neck.
  • To ensure cleanliness of the receiving bay by building up a cleaning schedule and procedures.
  • To receive all goods delivered to storerooms, including but not limited to the food and beverage, general store, operating equipment, maintenance.
  • To properly and orderly arrange shelving of all stored items.
  • To check all stocks against the established par level. Issue purchase request for replenishment when required
  • To inspect frequently the existing stocks especially those perishable items. Also check the storage temperature, environment, external condition, and expiry date etc. so as to ensure fitness to consume.
  • To collect Requisition Orders, pick up various items and distribute according to established schedule and procedures.
  • To physical take at regular interval and at month-end quantity of individual items especially those premium stocks. Inform Cost Accountant of discrepancies found.
  • To assist in the preparation of the month-end stocks take report and comment on the variances.
  • To observe the accident precaution rules.
  • To record all incoming and outgoing empty bottles and crates and assist in conducting container inventory at month end.
  • To respond to the changes in department functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.
  • To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene
  • To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
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