Sous Chef

TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru
17 January 2020

·         Manage, organize and ensure the smooth running of your particular section.

·         Assist in the planning, schedule, record and training of new and existing staff in order to meet all standards required by the management of the resort.

·         Interacts and communicates professionally with F&B outlet as well as with Stewarding.

·         Maintains excellent teamwork and team spirit among staff.

·         Together with the Head Chef, assists in preparing duty rosters, taking expected volumes of business into consideration.

·         Authorized to call in additional personnel in emergencies if warranted, with approval of Head Chef.

·         Makes every attempt that staffs clear their days off when business is quiet.

·         Assist in reducing the overall food cost within given guidelines as well as other kitchen related expenses by controlling requisitions and maintaining adequate stock levels.

·         Professionally active, self-motivated and involved in every aspect of the kitchen operation. Supervises, directs, guides and corrects kitchen staff when necessary.

·         Takes a professional interest in constantly maintaining a high standard of food preparation by checking it for taste, temperature and visual appeal.

·         Ensures all dishes are uniform in content, taste, presentation and established portion sizes are adhered to.

·         Ensures the prescribed food preparation and service procedures are carried out in detail according to the resort’s policies and procedures, and corrects any deviation through constant on-the-job training.

·         Ensure requested reports are submitted within the deadlines given, including work schedules, implementations, training plans as well as any other form of document required by management.

·         Makes suggestions to the Head Chef concerning improvements, which lead to a higher guest satisfaction and overall departmental profit.


·         Assists in implementing policies and procedures under guidance of the Head Chef.

·         Checks the maintenance of all kitchen equipment and the constant cleanliness of kitchen areas. Makes every attempt to prevent any damage, breakage, theft or loss of resort’s property by enforcing policies and procedures.

·         Ensures the staff report punctually in correct uniform and standard of grooming for work.

·         Reports to the Head Chef for correct disciplinary action to be taken against his staff, fair and professionally, to maintain a high level of staff moral and discipline in the kitchen team.

·         Informs and consults the Head Chef of any problems, discrepancies and happenings with the staff.

·         Assists the Head Chef in conducting training classes as required.

·         Aware of the resort regulations, policies and procedures to do with hygiene, discipline, fire & safety.

·         Responsible that wastage and spoilage is kept to a minimum by constantly checking all food storage and production, ensuring that daily stocks are kept at a minimum level.

·         Ensures food spoilage reports are filled out at all times, within the outlet.

·         Works the hours to guarantee the running of a professional operation; at a sound level of guest. Satisfaction at all times, which may be allocated to him by the Head Chef.

·         Checks all refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen outlet, for cleanliness, tidiness, proper storage and freshness of the food products to prevent spoilage and contamination of food.

·         Build an efficient team of employees by taking an active interest in their welfare, safety, security, training and development.

·         Informs and consults the Head Chef of any problems, discrepancies and happenings of kitchen staff at any time.

·         Contributes to the moral and team spirit of the resort.

·         Performs other duties that may be assigned by the management.

·         Stay’s updated with the developments of food trends worldwide and make’s appropriate suggestions to the Head Chef.

·         Be fully conversant with all health and safety, fire and emergency procedures.

·         Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, dress, uniform and body language.

·         Be polite and professional in any situation where the image of the resort is represented.

·         Attends meetings as required by the Head Chef.

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