Marketing and Leasing Assistant Manager

TROVE Hotel Johor Bahru
17 January 2020
  • Managing Metropolis Tower
  • Prepare documentation for lease of office space
  • Attend Inquiry from potential tenants
  • To do inspection for Office Tower
  • Prepare letter of Offer
  • Prepare documentation for renewal of tenancy
  • Coordinating and communicating with legal on tenancy renewal
  • Handling complaints with tenants
  • Establish and maintains good press relations with all tenants.
  • Handles all public inquiries and request pertaining to the Metropolis Towers, facilities and promotions.                                        
  • To maintain good rapport with the “important” authorities in the state.
  • Will be required to travel to other location to represent the Hotel and make sales calls and presentations.
  •  Entertains prospect and other when required.
  • Assist with Accounts Department in recovering bad debts.
  • Carry out other duties as may be required by the SGM/Hotel Manager/Director of Sales from time to time.
  • Identification of the business sources available to the office tower and establishing priorities for the marketing opportunities in the solicitation of that business.
  • Preparation of Marketing Plan and subsequent sales action plan by establishing priorities for all marketing plan and projects.
  • Plan and preparation of sales operation manual and close supervision of its activities ensuring that the plans are put in action.
  • Preparing and administration of annual Sales & Marketing department budget.
  • To develop the necessary sales tools and aids to carry out sales effort within the marketing budget.
  • To see that all materials available for promotion and sales are properly used to build an effective and efficient department at the lowest possible cost.
  • Prepare monthly report, forecasts, etc.
  • Maintenance of current information and complete knowledge as to the Hotel’s facilities and services.
  • Completing any special projects required requested by the Senior General Manager.
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