Assistant Finance Manager

TROVE Johor Bahru
31 October 2017


  • Planning, organising, managing and executing the finances and financial goals of the hotel
  • Managing the accounting department
  • Forecasting budgets
  • Managing cash flow
  • Keeping accurate records of hotel accounts
  • Compliance with government regulations (like tax)
  • Maintaining relationships with relevant banks and insurance companies and many other duties
  • Ensure that the guests have best possible experience by trouble-shooting and resolving all billing-related disputes
  • Represents the finance department on the daily department heads meeting with the general manager
  • Manage all phases of Accounts Payable, Receivable and department budget
  • Calculate and distribute wages and salaries
  • Prepare regular reports and summaries of accounting activities
  • Prepare financial statements and debtors' listings
  • Verify recorded transactions and report irregularities to management
  • Providing direction to the night audit team so as to ensure proper revenue reporting
  • Reviewing all ledger details guest ledger, city ledger and deposit ledgers to validate proper payment and revenue posting
  • If any imbalance or difference found on the ledger then co-ordinate with the PMS team to resolving the same
  • Review the postings, payments, and revenue and guest balance reports on a daily basis.
  • Ensure correct taxation is applied on all billing software
  • Ensure that all statutory details (TAX NO, Company Registration no.) are displayed on the guest invoices and bills
  • Bills A/R accounts daily and send the same to guest along with the supporting bills and statements
  • Follows up on any accounts within 3 days to ensure customer has received the invoice and does not have any questions
  • Review the Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Ageing reports on a daily basis
  • Follow up 30 days after the initial billing if payment has not been received
  • Check customers credit ratings and Flag accounts as 'Black listed' for long outstanding or defaulter accounts
  • Enters invoices into accounts payable system weekly after verifying a purchase order was received from ordering department head and obtaining General Manager's approval
  • Forecasting cash payments and anticipating challenges arising from limited cash flow
  • Ensuring that cash flows are adequate to allow business units to operate effectively
  • Maintain banking relationships and negotiating loans and merchant services for business units
  • Maintains files of all contracts, insurance policies, tax reports, expenses, payroll, etc
  • Maintaining and transferring money between bank accounts as required
  • Performing numerical analysis of data and formulating conclusions and/or solutions
  • Preparing financial reports and submissions to relevant government entities
  • Ensures all new hire paperwork, benefits, performance appraisals, disciplinary action forms and other pertinent personnel documents are filed appropriately and maintained in accordance with the company HR practices
  • Monitors and contains all property inventories to ensure proper levels without causing burdens on property cash flows
  • Preparing and presenting financial reports for meetings and investors
  • Working with executives and business heads to prepare budgets and track profit / loss performance by business unit
  • Providing direction and training to hotel operational team in areas related to finance, financial reports, internal controls, labour management, payroll, etc
  • Effectively manage the accounting team through respectful communication, clear expectations, relevant training, productive coaching, regular meetings, and appropriate performance management
  • Recommend and maintain a system of policies and procedures that impose an adequate level of control over Finance Department activities
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