Security Manager

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort - Desaru Coast
26 March 2019
  • Manages the daily functions of the department to ensure protection of property assets, associates, guests and property. 
  • Maintains logs, certifications and documents required by law and Standard Operating Procedures. 
  • Trains staff in established emergency procedures and implements accident and fire prevention procedures. 
  • Directs administration and overall operation of the Security Department, in the protection of hotel property, guests and employees and their properties.
  • Reports to hotel management and advises unusual behaviours in employees or guests.
  • Liaises with management on unusual security measures or events.
  • Recommends changed in hotel operating procedures and equipment to reflect better security or protective methods.
  • Keeps close watch on department payroll and overtime control.
  • Reviews report from Security Officers.
  • Liaises with Department Heads on employee behaviour and security measures.
  • Establishes procedures and conducts special investigations and surveillance in areas such as internal and external thefts.
  • Deals personally with guests and employees concerning loss, damage and accidents incurred and disputes which arise.
  • Investigates reported cases and makes recommend actions on settlements to aggrieved individuals.
  • Receives and replies to correspondence pertaining to these losses and accidents.
  • Periodically inspects all hotel areas for security violations.
  • Prepares procedures warrants against employees or guest defrauding hotel or theft of property.
  • Liaises with local police on matters of gambling, theft, and special security requirements for unusual events and functions.
  • Plans and organises hotel security activities.
  • Inspects and evaluates hotel security activities to ensure compliance with security policies and procedures.
  • Plans, schedules workloads and establish performance standards. Plans and organises procedures for expanded hotel security.
  • Plans and establishes a functional on-the-job training programme for hotel security personnel. Evaluates the effectiveness of training by observations of work performance and written or oral examination. Establishes and maintains a working relationship with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Develops a crisis management plan to address potentially violent events.
  • Establishes, coordinates and implements a Security Programme for all offices, facilities, departments and functions, consistent with descriptions, duties and responsibilities of the Security Manager and down the line, those of the Security
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