Safety & Security Assistant cum Driver

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort - Desaru Coast
16 December 2019

·         Safe-guard the property of the hotel; be responsible for the safety and protection of visitors and employees within the building

·         Patrol & Clocking and observe of the employee service areas

·         To assist with traffic control during hotel have the event every time and monitor parking lots / guest vehicles

·         Monitor CCTV closely and take immediate action when any incidents happen

·         To maintain a good public relations and attitudes displayed in service to visitors and fellow employees

·         Good character and moral; ability to follow instruction; to meet and get along with general public

·         Articulate, tactful, courteous and able to use good judgement in handling people on behalf of the hotel

·         Mentally alert and observant

·         Operate and maintain closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras

·         Deter admittance of unauthorized persons to the premises; monitor all vehicles entering hotel area

·         Patrol hallways, stairwells, restrooms and parking area

·         Assist with fire drills and emergency evacuations

·         Assist with the loading and unloading bay

·         Assist to drive Finance personnel go to bank

·         Assist Purchasing to collect items
-         Assist to send and collect laundry items

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