Head Chef

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort - Tioman Island
19 November 2019
  • Controlling and directing the food preparation process and any other relative activities.
  • Constructing menus with new or existing culinary creations ensuring the variety and quality of the servings.
  • Approving and “polishing” dishes before they reach the customer ensuring high quality and contentment.
  • Ensure meals are produced on time, and sufficient quantities are available for the various areas.
  • Plan orders of equipment or ingredients according to identified shortages.
  • Ensure wastage is minimised by careful supervision of food preparation methods.
  • Pay careful attention to the operating budgets of the department to ensure that costs are controlled to maintain the correct levels of spending.
  • Ensure proper hygienic storage methods are utilised to prevent food loss.
  • Arrange for repairs when necessary.
  • Remedy any problems or defects.
  • Estimate staff’s workload and compensations.
  • Maintain records of payroll and attendance.
  • Ensure any staffing issues are resolved fairly and quickly.
  • Comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards.
  • Foster a climate of cooperation and respect between co-workers.
  • Manage and work closely with other cooks.
  • Forecasting supply needs and estimating costs.
  • Continued efficiency of the kitchen and production of consistent, quality food.
  • Creating innovative cuisine and providing a satisfying culinary experience for guests.
  • All product produced by team must be creative and innovative.
  • To make sure that kitchens are both clean and organised at all the time.
  • Oversee the daily operations of the staff and kitchen.
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