Laundry Assistant

Tunamaya Beach & Spa Resort - Tioman Island
27 September 2019
  •  Maintaining  all  areas  of the  laundry,  including  laundry  processing  equipment  and  linen cupboards in a clean, hygienic and tidy condition.
  • Ensuring that all cleaning equipment and materials are maintained in a safe, clean and efficient  condition  and  reporting  to  the  Head  Housekeeper  where  any  item  of  such equipment requires repair or replacement
  • Ensuring  that  all  chemicals  used  in  the  laundry  room  are  replenished  as  required  and that  the  Head  Housekeeper  is  made  aware  of  the  need to  order  chemical  stocks  to ensure the continuous operation of laundry processing.
  • Process  all  household  linen  and  residents’  personal  clothing  ensuring  that  items  are processed at the correct temperatures according to the type of fabric and that all items are thoroughly cleansed and stain free.
  • Ensuring  that  any  items  that  require  thermal  disinfection  are  processed  correctly  and that  infection  control  policies  are  strictly  adhered  to  including  the  correct  method  of handling items that have been soiled  with body  products including the use of personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure that all items of household linen and guest personal clothing are ironed and pressed as required to maintain a high standard of finished articles.
  • Ensure  that  all  items  of  personal  clothing  and  household  linen  are  in  a  good  state  of repair  and  bringing  to  the  attention  of  the  Head  Housekeeper  or  manager  where  any items  require  replacement.  Check that personal clothing is clearly labelled with the guest name.
  • Returning  all  household  linens  and  guest personal  clothing  to  linen  cupboards  or the guest bedrooms as appropriate.
  • To  understand  responsibilities  in  relation  to  Fire Procedures,  Health  and  Safety, COSHH, Infection Control and Emergency Aid.
  • To  undertake  such  other  duties  as  may  be  determined  from  time  to  time  within  the general scope of the post and to be aware that social activities connected with the home may require voluntary work attendance outside normal working hours.
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