Enjoy the tropical ambience of Ombak Bar and refresh with a thirst-quenching or cold beers as our beach music set the mood of revelling and relaxation.  

Daily Opening Hours

11.00AM - 12:00MN


Have you tried The Great Cocktails from Drambuie? We try to recreate as much as possible to make your evening great! There's always a reason to partake in a delicious drink you've never tried before.


Other Dining Offers

Tunamaya Prosperity Yee Sang

Where to "Lou"? Let's try something different in 2020 by celebrating the start of an auspicious year in a private and secluded island paradise! We are offering a brand new and first ever Tunamaya Prosperity Yee Sang to usher in the year of Rat together with you! 


Flourishing 荣华富贵

Looking to celebrate an extraordinary CNY 2020 out of the town? Hop on to our island paradise and grip on the Flourishing menu package to celebrate a simple yet luxury reunion meal with your loved ones.


Fortune 风生水起

Did you know that the "mountain" & "water" symbolized great fortune and we are completed with great sceneries of sea view and twin peak mountains just right behind us?

Prosperity 龙凤呈祥

An exquisitely designed superb course set menu to usher in a more prosperous Chinese New Year! The best feeling ever to count your blessings and wealth in your wallet at the same time!


Reunion 阖家团员

Celebrating CNY in town can be boring sometimes, why not giving the year of Rat a change by traveling to the island paradise with your loved ones while still celebrating it in luxury and style?